Katia Ricciarelli, have you ever seen her house? A dream home, what an envy!

The great Rovigo opera singer Katia Ricciarelli owns a very special house. That’s where she lives and why her home arouses so much astonishment

Katia Ricciarelli is a great soprano and a famous television personality. Born in Rovigo on January 18, 1946, the opera singer did not have an easy childhood. Her mother was forced to raise her three daughters alone, without a husband, and they soon started working because there was a need for money. In an interview with the presenter of very true Silvia Toffanin, the soprano revealed that she received unsolicited attention from a Benedictine monk. The latter claimed that little Katia was destined for her monastic life: the singer soon discovered that he was in love with her and her, since he could not have her “possess it physically“, he had tried to convince her to take a vow of chastity. The soprano revealed to the Venetian presenter that she had even attempted suicide.

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Fortunately, however, luck came soon: his debut as an opera singer came in 1969, after years of study at the Conservatory. Soon, Ricciarelli was noted for her singing skills and her personality. An incredible talent, which led her to perform at the Scala in Milan and in some of the most important theaters in the world. The characters played by the soprano are so many: from the Anna Bolena of Donizetti’s opera to Gluck’s Euridice, up to the female protagonist of the Don Giovanni by Mozart. Not to mention the Turandot by Puccini: Katia Ricciarelli has had a truly enviable career.

The wonderful house of Katia Ricciarelli

From a sentimental point of view, the opera singer was more unfortunate. She was first linked to the Spanish tenor José Carreras, and then to the famous conductor Pippo Baudo, whom she married on January 18, 1986. Their marriage lasted more than twenty years, but in 2007 the two divorced. She katia she did not have children neither by Baudo nor by Carreras, although during an interview granted to the “Belve” program she confessed to missing a child. To the presenter and journalist, the soprano revealed that she had an abortion at the beginning of her relationship with Baudo, and that she was no longer able to have children.

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But where does Katia Ricciarelli live now? According to reports Kronic.it, the soprano has two houses. The first is in Rome, in a splendid tastefully furnished house: the walls, decorations and accessories of the apartment are all characterized by light and elegant colors. But it is the second home that really affects everyone: a villa located right in front of Lake Garda, with a breathtaking view and completely surrounded by greenery. In short: a dream home!

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