Keep the beak closed – Congress leader upset on Sambit Patra, BJP spokesperson said – Beak is of life, do you know who is there?

Keep the beak closed – Congress leader

Congress leader Rashid Alvi made a statement on the arrest of terrorists, for which he has come under the target of opposition parties. Rashid Alvi had said in his statement, ‘Whenever elections are held, why are terrorists caught only then. After some time the court releases them. Often this work is done to spread hatred and politics. This statement of Rashid Alvi was also discussed in Amish Devgan’s show ‘Aar Paar’, where on one hand Sambit Patra targeted Congress fiercely, while Congress leader Charan Singh Sapra was seen furious at him.


Sambit Patra took a jibe at the Congress party and said, “Why is the Congress party competing to save Abu Bakr, Osama. Why is this Congress Party, Samajwadi Party in this race after all? This was the terror module of Pakistan, in which not only Delhi Police but Maharashtra Police also made arrests. I feel sorry for the police officers who risk their lives to arrest terrorists, but what do they get in the end?


Sambit Patra did not stop here. He further said in his statement, “Those policemen are being scolded in the debate saying that they are attacking Muslims. Earlier, bombs used to explode every day. 9-9 people used to die in it, that’s because the UPA government said that arrests were not to be made. Seeing religion, arrest has to be made.”


Sambit Patra further said about this, “Since 2014 till now no life has been lost due to terrorist activities. It is better if Charan Singh Sapra does not speak about Kashmir. With what mouth does this Congress party discuss about terrorists? Congress leaders were furious on these things of Sambit Patra.


However, as soon as he started speaking, Sambit Patra interrupted and said, “Don’t speak, the number of times you speak, votes are lost.” On the other hand, Charan Singh Sapra replied to him and said, “If we talk about hugging, then why did Modi ji go to meet Nawaz Sharif. Don’t interrupt, keep your beak closed.” Responding to his talk, Sambit Patra said, “Beak to dabba jaan ka hai, by the way, do you know who is dabba jaan?”


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