killed father, mother and 6-year-old daughter

Tyler, Sara, Arlo and Lula Schmidt are a family: dad, mom and children aged nine and six. Their names were consigned to the news because they were victims of a real massacre. The four were attacked while camping in the Maquoketa Caves State Park Campground about 290 kilometers east of Des Moines, Iowa. Only the 9-year-old son was saved. Husband, wife and daughter were killed. To carry out the massacre was a 23-year-old, who would later take his own life. The facts date back to last month, but only now have the results of the autopsies arrived and the authorities have provided an official version of what happened.

“On July 22, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Natural Resources and the Criminal Investigation Division were informed of a triple homicide at the Maquoketa Caves State Park campground, law enforcement officials said in an official statement. . Officers identified three deceased victims, as well as the body of a man who investigators believe was responsible for their deaths. The Iowa Office of the State Medical Examiner determined the cause and manner of death of all four. people”.

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Tyler Schmidt, 42, died of a gunshot wound and multiple gunshot wounds. Sarah Schmidt, 42, died of multiple acute body injuries. Lula Schmidt, 6, died of a gunshot wound and strangulation. Beside their bodies was that of Anthony Sherwin, 23, of LaVista, Nebraska. According to the authorities, it was he who fired at the family, then he turned the weapon against himself and killed himself. Arlo, the 9-year-old son of the Schmidts, survived the attack unharmed but investigators have not made it clear whether he was in the tent when the attack took place.

“All the evidence gathered up to this point shows that Sherwin was the perpetrator of the murders and acted alone,” investigators say. And the questions remain. Why was the family exterminated? Did the attacker and the victims know each other? Were they related? All questions that are being examined by the police.

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