Kyrsten Sinema, “the great mystery” of the democratic senator who defends super managers and blocks laws in favor of the environment –

from Giuseppe Sarcina

For days he has also held the 15% “minimum tax” hostage for companies and the possibility for Medicare, the federal health coverage for the elderly, to negotiate the price of medicines directly

WASHINGTON “Our office is here to serve you,” reads the website of Senator Kyrsten Sinema, 46. But no one in Washington has yet figured out how to “serve whom”. Democratic MPs, her colleagues in theory, are exasperated. Sinema, alone or in combination with Senator Joe Manchin, has disfigured the program of progressives. In a year and a half of the legislature, you have given the green light only to the bill on infrastructure (reduced to a third compared to the original plan) and to a modest measure to control the sale of weapons in the United States.

For a few days it has held the Inflation Reduction Act hostage, the legislative package that contains 369 billion in investments for energy conversion; the 15% minimum tax for companies; the ability for Medicare, the federal health coverage for the elderly, to negotiate the price of medicines directly. After months of negotiations, Democratic Senator leader Chuck Schumer reached an agreement with Manchin. But the party did not last long. Sinema’s vote was missing and, to this day, no one knows yet what he will do.

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In Congress, reporters don’t know where to turn. While the euphoric Manchin now stops to talk even with the radiators, Kyrsten cuts through the crowd of notebooks and cameras without even a grimace. «The profound mystery of Sinema», is the title of the magazine The Atlantic. In reality, behind so much haughtiness and, let’s face it, behind so much arrogance, there would be calculations of small coasts. The senator would have asked to review the chapter of the law concerning taxation. In particular, the rule that would reduce the privileges of “hedge fund” managers. Today a finance manager pockets around 20% of the profits made by the fund. These revenues are taxed at a rate of 20%, whatever the amount. This is clearly an unfair misconception, as other incomes have to pay a maximum tax of 37%. Sinema would be dealing under the table to avoid the big financiers being penalized.

Furthermore, he is asking for “compensations” for his state, Arizona, similar to those obtained by Manchin for his West Virginia. In detail: money to compensate for damage caused by drought. Here, “the great mystery” of Sinema would be all here. And in the end, the Democratic leadership, with the endorsement of the White House, will only be able to satisfy it. The Senator will return to her state with a small booty: for the federal coffers it could mean a loss of revenue of up to 14 billion dollars.

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Sinema probably won’t leave an indelible mark on Washington. It occupies the seat that once belonged to Republican Senator John McCain (here the interview with John’s widow, Cindy McCain)
. But since she arrived on Capitol Hill, she has sometimes been noticed more for the swinging look between Madonna (understood as the pop star) and Botticelli’s Primavera, than for her “political vision”. She has never given a press conference. She doesn’t even talk to colleagues. Zero: the Arizona Sphinx. Has she always been like this? Maybe not.

Born in Tucson, she approached public life, working in the social sector and militating in the Green Party. She has been with the Democrats and has calmly climbed the institutions. She first was a state deputy, then she, in 2102 on Capitol Hill. Since 2019 she is a Senator. She has declared herself openly bisexual, claiming support for the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community. Her mandate expires in 2024. The left has already begun a campaign to demolish it. And the Republicans are ready to take her off the seat.

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