“Lando Buzzanca is ill, he is detained against his will in an RSA. He cannot stay there, he must be treated.” The appeal of his partner and her doctor

“What are you waiting for? Save me!“. This concludes the social appeal launched by Fulvio Tomasellithe trusted doctor of Lando Buzzanca. The famous Sicilian actor is hospitalized, from December 27, 2021, in a residence for the elderly (Rsa) of Rome and there, as the partner claims Francesca Della Valleis “detained, segregated against his will“. The woman, who for months has been engaged in a legal and media battle to free him from – according to her – an authentic prison, denounced his critical health conditions: “Lando is sick! It cannot stay there. He has to go home, he has to be treated with the assistance of his doctor and those who love him! ”.

And it was the clinician who retraced the difficulties faced by the patient through one of his missivespublished on Facebook: “With paranormal powers Lando sends me… Was I overweight? On December 27, 2021, on the induction of a lawyer who was my support administrator (ADS), they admitted me to a Roman clinic, where I was subjected to a diet, drug and physical activity regimen. The diet consisted of poor food and therefore not palatable. Great way not to eat“. Initially the solution was effective, but in the long run it caused Buzzanca many problems: “I lost the superfluous kilos, but with great ease I have lost others, almost 30. They reassured me a lot! I had to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, I also lost lean mass so now I am cachectic, that is, skeletalwithout muscles because physical activity was abolished, e I can’t stand up. I would like to send you a photo of me before and after, but I avoid it out of self-respect. Now I should be treated to recover, but they are thinking about it … I could be at the end of the line and so … as he said … why amputate, falls by itself“.

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A situation whose main responsible is the law 6/04, (which should protect people lacking, in whole or in part, autonomy, in carrying out the functions of daily life) which has generated a family feud with dossiers and stamped papers between the partner and the son of the famous actor. The provision of law would be increasingly fading into events of injusticeup to, in some cases, in scams against lonely and frail elderly people. This is not the case with Buzzanca, but, about a month ago, Tomaselli and Della Valle inaugurated an association dedicated to supporting the weakest people: “Labyrinth July 14“. The reporter thus silenced the rumors of her that pointed to her as a profiteer on the hunt for her partner’s fortune. First the facts, then the words. And in an interview with Freethe woman wanted to dismiss the question: “In this moment of desperation I’m only interested in saving Lando, prisoner of a law by which they are killing him. You have to get him out of where he is. Lando wants to get out of there, he is now aphasic, desperate. But he is lucid and wants to come back to life. Otherwise he dies!

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