Leao and Theo Hernandez fly, Tomori distracted on goal: Vicenza-Milan promoted and postponed | First page

It ends 6-1 in favor of Milan the friendly against Vicenza at the Romeo Menti stadium. Beautiful performance of the rossoneri that after a bad start, with the goal conceded in the first minute, overturn the result and then spread. The left wing, composed of Hernandez and Leao once again dominant.


Leao: inspired and focused. He scores and participates constantly in the maneuver with all his pure talent technique. Rafael wants to start by pushing on the accelerator.

Rebic: moves perfectly makes false nine inspiring most offensive actions. Good test for Croatian showing good physical and mental condition.

Theo Hernandez: literally dominant. The action with which Vicenza’s self-goal propitiates is a sign of how he manages to get on lost balls. Big strides towards world leadership in the role.


Tomori: slept not by him on Rolfini’s goal, he redeems himself by going to perfectly gore a corner well beaten by Bennacer.

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Diaz: only one in the technical gesture when he finds the right corridor for Rebic who thanks and bags. With the fierce competition in the team this year he has to raise the level if he doesn’t want to end up in the rear.

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