Luis Alberto-Sevilla, Lazio awaits the offer. Then to all on Ilic

Even the family pushes the Magician towards Spain, but the Biancocelesti are waiting for the right amount. And Sarri already has the idea to replace him

We need acceleration to make everyone happy and content. Luis Alberto wants to return to Spain, more precisely to Sevilla, the team for which he has always cheered. Even in the family they push for his transfer: “His return would be everyone’s dream – said his mother -. Besides, I could go and see him in person and I wouldn’t miss him. My ticket is already booked. I ask Monchi, Sevilla’s sporting director, to bring him home “.

Vicente, one of the brothers of the Lazio player, also had his say on the issue: “For me it would be a pride to have a brother who plays in the Primera Division.” Lazio would be ready to sell him, convinced that they have identified Ilic as the right substitute to strengthen themselves from a technical-tactical point of view. But he serves the offer of Sevilla.

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The situation

Lazio will have to turn to Liverpool (the club from which Luis Alberto bought) about 30% of the future resale. This is why the Biancocelesti would not want to drop below 22 million euros to sell it. The money collected would then be turned over directly to Verona for Ilic: between the parties there is already an agreement on the basis of a fixed part of 12 million and a variable part of 3. Sarri has endorsed the two operations because he is convinced that Ilic is more functional to the his 4-3-3: Ilic holds the ball less, making it spin more at the same time. The team would be more excited. Furthermore, Ilic is also more involved in the coverage phase, and Lazio often lacked balance last season. For this reason, with Luis Alberto at Sevilla and Ilic at Lazio, they would all be happy: Luis Alberto, his family, as well as the clubs. But we need an acceleration from Sevilla.

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