Maurizio Crozza, another disappointment: the famous conductor stops?

Disappointment for the well-known Italian comedian Maurizio Crozza, one of the most followed and appreciated satirical actors on the television scene

For several years, political satire in Italy has been particularly associated with his name. Maurizio Crozza he is perhaps at the moment the most active comedian from a socio-political point of view, thanks to the imitations and the always biting and successful monologues.

Maurizio Crozza (Ansa photo)

Crozzaescaped together with other Genoese comedians and his wife Carla Signoris from the Broncoviz group, it has therefore become a point of reference. Also thanks to his TV program Brothers of Crozzawhich is broadcast on La7o on other reference broadcasters.

But recently the Genoese comedian is thinking of taking a step back. His politically incorrect show is critically acclaimed, but too snubbed by the public. The auditel numbers say so, also confirmed yesterday by the poor follow-up of the reruns in The Best Brothers of Crozza.

Listen to TV on Friday 5 August: Maurizio Crozza flops, little followed also by Christian De Sica

This morning the auditel data of the first evening of yesterday, Friday 5 August 2022 were made official. The episode of Fratelli di Crozza aired on Nove was seen by only 3% of viewers, equal to 372,000 users.

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Too little for Crozza, which carries a commitment and a political message that is always very frank and sincere, but evidently most of the Italian television audience is not too attracted to this type of comedy. Possible step back in view of the new season?

Last night a little disappointment also came for another highly successful Italian comedian. Christian De Sica saw his personal show on Rai Uno, entitled An evening with friends. The actor son of art, however, received only the 10.8% share, a decidedly lower figure compared to last year’s bets.

Christian De Sica
Christian De Sica (Getty)

However, De Sica did better than both Crozza and the competitor of Canale 5. That is fiction Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passionswhich glued in front of the video 1,107,000 spectators with a share of 10.7%.

It’s nice to know that fans of great cinema are not lacking among viewers. L’8.7% of these have gladly reviewed the film on Rai Tre For a bunch of dollarshistoric western signed Sergio Leone.

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