Mehboob Khan had taken loan from Nargis to complete ‘Mother India’, know why the actress was ready

Mehboob Khan had taken loan from

‘Mother India’ proved to be a milestone in the career of actress Nargis, who had worked in superhit films like Deedar, Awara and Babul. Nargis was in the lead role in the film and it was directed by Mehboob Khan. It was a remake of the film ‘Aurat’ released in the year 1940. To bring the woman to the screen in a new way, Mehboob Khan had brought the film ‘Mother India’ on the screen.


Earlier the budget of the film was to be Rs 25 lakh, but gradually its budget started increasing. The main reason behind the increase in the budget was that the shooting of the film was mostly happening outside. The people of the film were traveling continuously. In such a situation, the funds available with Mehboob Khan started running out. He sought Nargis’s help to complete the film. Nargis had become a big actress during that time and she was also in a position to help Mehboob Khan.


Nargis’s mother had also worked with Mehboob Khan and Mehboob Khan was also the one who gave Nargis a break. Nargis said yes to help without thinking and understanding. According to ‘RJ Rahul’, the film which was to be completed in 25 lakh rupees, now seeing its budget has crossed the 50 lakh mark. In fact, many farmers were hired to complete the shooting of the film and many bullock carts were also made.


Meet Sunil Dutt: It was during the shooting of the film that Nargis met Sunil Dutt. Nargis Dutt got caught in the fire in a shot during the shooting. When no one was coming forward to help him here, Sunil Dutte came forward. Sunil Dutt also suffered serious injuries in this. After this, Nargis took care of him at Mehboob Khan’s house for several days. Later Nargis and Sunil Dutt got married.


The success of the film can be gauged from the fact that in the year 1957, Mother India did a business of Rs 8 crore. Its competition was with Dilip Kumar’s film Naya Daur. Nargis also received the Filmfare Award for Best Acting in Mother India.


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