Men and women, Andrea Della Cioppa does not resist and admits: “I want to …”

Recently, the former suitor of Men and Women Andrea Della Cioppa let himself go and confessed what he wants.

The new edition of Men and Women, according to the latest rumors, it is ready to reopen its doors between the week of 12 and 19 September. Official confirmation has not yet arrived, but in theory it should leave on Monday 19 September. While the registrations of the first episodes remain confirmed for the end of August.

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Fans can’t wait to discover all the news that await them, starting with new tronists of the classical throne up to Over throne characters. At the moment, the new protagonists who will sit on the coveted throne are not yet known. It is also necessary to understand if Maria De Filippi will take into consideration old acquaintances of the program or she will opt only for faces unknown to the Canale Cinque audience. In the first case, many could be the valid candidates among the former suitors and the former suitors of the latest edition of Men and Women. One of all, Andrea Della Cioppa.

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Men and women, Andrea Della Cioppa admits that …

During a recent interview with Mondotv24, the former suitor of Men and Women Andrea Della Cioppa let himself go to a very sweet expression. He stated that he feels like fall in love and then if the program offered him to become the new tronista, he would more than willingly accept:

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I want to fall in love. It is useless to be hypocrites, I believe that 99.9% of the boys who participate in Men and Women, if they were to propose a throne, would accept. I would too. Why shouldn’t I accept? That’s right, I would accept it because I really believe in the program. The program is very true, beautiful, in two months I experienced emotions that I had not felt for a long time. So I say yes to you because I believe in the program. Some don’t believe it and throw mud, and that’s a bad thing.

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