Men and Women, Davide Donadei formalizes the break with Chiara Rabbi: “It’s my fault …”

Davide Donadei breaks the silence and formalizes the end of the love story with Chiara Rabbi on Instagram. The rumors have been talking about it for weeks, only confirmation from those directly involved was missing, and here it is. The couple, born to Men and Women, broke up after a relationship of more than a year. Recently Chiara had talked, in her stories, about the reasons that led the two to move away, or rather “sentimental” reasons, according to her. The girl also defended herself against a series of accusations that defined her as “excessively jealous”, and then spoke about her story with Davide in the past, thus confirming her breakup.

Men and women, Davide Donadei and Chiara Rabbi broke up. She responds to the accusations of jealousy: “I broke my c …”

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Davide Donadei puts a point on the story with Chiara Rabbi

The former tronist announces on Instagram the end of the relationship with Chiara Rabbi: “It will not be a journalist jackal to tell the closure of my story, it will be me”, Davide Donadei underlines: “Precisely because the responsibility is all mine, it is from me that it all started and it is right that I take the reins of this story in hand and tell the truth to all of you that it is one. Chiara and I are no longer together. Continue to love us ».

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Chiara Rabbi’s message to her followers

The former suitor publicly replies to the story of the now ex-boyfriend and sends a direct message to those who follow her: “I want to spend a few words for myself and for our story .. The problems between me and Da will remain between us and only we know how much we are both suffering! It is true that the decision is hers and it is also true that I am really sorry because for me he is still very important to this day. Having said that I am used to your wickedness but this time I kindly ask you not to take any part and if you really want to take it if I am not the one to hate or insult him because you feel entitled? He is a special person who goes out of his way for those he loves, he is a polite boy and a hard worker and never, ever did anything to be judged badly ».

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Last updated: Friday 5 August 2022, 20:33


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