Michelle Hunziker pregnant with Giovanni Angiolini? Rumors about pregnancy, and they don’t deny it

Michelle Hunziker And Giovanni Angiolini they are increasingly close-knit. The Swiss showgirl and the handsome doctor are inseparable and enjoy their first summer together, but the Gossipyou know, he never goes on vacation and the rumors about the couple are becoming more and more insistent: Michelle is in sweet waiting? The question finds more and more confirmation and fans are eagerly awaiting the official.

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The suspicion is not denied

The relationship between the two is becoming more and more serious. That Michelle Hunziker And Giovanni Angiolini are together, it is no longer a secret. Since their love story became public, the two did nothing more to keep it secret. They photograph themselves in the same places, on the same beaches or on the same boat. Only the official photo of the couple is missing on their profiles Instagram. But now there is a much more interesting secret that is making showgirl fans murmur. It was said that Michelle and the handsome Giovanni never lose sight of one another. She has been in Sardinia for days, where he lives and works. It seems that the passion is overwhelming. He has been on vacation for a few hours and will be able to devote himself entirely to the Swiss showgirl who, in recent days, as revealed by the magazine Chi di lei, was surprised with her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti at the pharmacy, intent on buying a pregnancy test. So the yellow went off: who was the exam for? For mum Michelle or for her daughter? A news that so far neither of the two has denied, giving the rumors additional strength.

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Michelle and Giovanni are expecting a child?

Although buying a pregnancy test does not mean being pregnant and, assuming and not granted that the test was for one of the two, the fact that neither of them has denied the fake news increases the doubts of the fans. Usually it is Michelle Hunziker that his daughter Aurora, when they are hit by a fake news they rush to deny it. In this case neither of the two did it because a diabolical game has been created that prevents both of them from doing it: both cannot deny it otherwise it would be understood that she has carried out the pregnancy test. But the doubt that Michelle Hunziker and Giovanni Angiolini, overwhelmed by passion, are pregnant is more and more concrete. Who knows that the two will shortly share the sweet news …

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