Morgan ghost writer by Giorgia Meloni? “I’m recommending the program, I’ll tell you what words to use”

Morgan ghost writer of Meloni? The singer takes sides in view of the next ones political elections. “I’m recommending Giorgia Meloni for the electoral program “. The songwriter was has recently been posted by Vittorio Sgarbi on a list of possible candidates in the elections. And he, in the interview with Il Giornale, replied in his own way: “My next candidacy will be for Prime Minister,” he said jokingly. No irony, however, on the comment towards the leader of the Brothers of Italy.

Morgan and Giorgia Meloni, as advised by the leader of FdI

Morgan would therefore be a director of the Brothers of Italy. A surprise. The singer-songwriter is known for his exits, even if the artist professes himself “neither right nor left”. The proximity to Meloni’s party was unexpected. How do you recommend it? I had my say on the use of words, on the words that are part of my profession.

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The political line of the artist

Morgan remains vague instead when asked if he had his say on the political line as well: Even on that, a little bit eh, but I don’t want to talk about it. Then he denies his descent into the field and flies high with comparisons: “Pier Paolo Pasolini or Carmelo Bene have ever been candidates?”. No candidacy, at least for now. “They are neither on the right nor on the left, today they no longer make sense and do not have the power of ideas. I belong to the philosophical thought of anarchy ”.

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