My family will not be able to accept it even if I brought the storm of the 7th sky – Dilip Kumar told Saira Banu, himself told the reason

My family will not be able to accept

Bollywood’s famous actor Dilip Kumar made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with his films. Dilip Kumar is still in the hearts of people for his acting. The love story of Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu is also no less than a film story. Even though there was a big age difference between the two, their pair was one of the favorite couples of cinema. However, Dilip Kumar used to fear whether his family would accept Saira Banu or not. This was disclosed by Dilip Kumar himself in his autobiography.


Dilip Kumar, while referring to Saira Banu in ‘The Substance and the Shadow: An Autobiography’, said, “One day I and Saira were sitting on the beach and then I told her ‘I have been a bachelor for so long. I am that my family has also got used to this. I also emphasized to Saira that it might be a bit difficult for my family to accept a new person in my life.”


Dilip Kumar told in the book that he also warned Saira Banu that it might be a bit difficult for her to be with her family without any problem. Dilip Kumar further told about this, “I told him that even if I bring the sound of seventh heaven, my family will not be able to accept it.”


Sharing the reason, Dilip Kumar had said, “He is used to my loneliness and no longer wants to share me with anyone else.” Unlike Dilip Kumar’s thoughts, Saira Banu won the hearts of his family with his style. Please tell that Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar did not have any children. Dilip Kumar said about this that he has no regrets.


Talking about children, Dilip Kumar had said in an interview in 2012, “It would have been a great thing if we had our own children, but we have no regrets about it right now. It is the will of the above all. Neither Saira nor I have ever complained about this.


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