New visual identity for Dacia starting with the new Dacia Link emblem

The models of the Dacia brand are finally ready to adopt the brand new identity. In addition to the design changes, the new identity also reflects the commitments undertaken for the future, capitalizing on the strong values ​​that have made Dacia’s success. The first deliveries are expected starting in the fourth quarter of 2022.

A strong symbol of the brand’s new visual identity, the emblem Dacia Link it is placed in the center of the vehicle grille, whose motifs have been reworked and made white. Composed of a stylized D and C joined together like the links of a chain, the new emblem is, at the same time, a symbol of strength and simplicity.

Even from a distance, the Dacia Link gives visibility to the brand and also appears in the center of the wheels. Another immediately visible change is the logo affixed to the rear of the vehicles and on the steering wheel. The deliberately minimalist letters are lightened to keep only the traits necessary to recognize them. Other design evolutions are also added, such as the introduction of the Megalite Gray color for the roof bars, the front and rear skis, but also the exterior mirrors of Sandero, Stepway, Spring and Duster. This new universe is in line with the brand’s values ​​- simplicity, robustness, authenticity – in a more decisive and modern way.

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This development represents a new impetus for Dacia in achieving its ambitions. A new logo, new colors, but always the same essentiality. A contemporary change across the entire range, which we asked David Durand, Dacia’s Design Director, to tell us about the evolution of the brand, to its sources of inspiration, coming to define the future of design.

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