Nicola Savino, after the illness the tragic mourning: an indescribable pain

Nicola Savino has faced a series of dramas that have profoundly marked his life. The words of the well-known TV presenter touch the heart

When we imagine the face of the popular Tuscan presenter we cannot help but think of his usual smile. He is in fact endowed with an always cheerful and positive spirit, with which he has built a successful career on both television and radio level. Active in multiple sectors in the entertainment world, Savino is one of the best known and most appreciated by our local public.

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This year he became the protagonist of a long adventure as a columnist for the sixteenth edition of The Island of the Famous. Alongside his colleague Vladimir Luxuria, he received great appreciation, contributing to the success of a show that recorded a more than satisfactory share.

However, despite his great work, in the next television season he should leave his post to make room for someone else. Of course we know that the twists and turns are always around the corner, just think of the situation of Sonia Bruganelli within the Big Brother Vip. The latter in fact, she seemed determined not to cover the role of columnist in the seventh edition of the Cinecittà reality show, but in the end she changed her mind with a sudden reversal that no one could expect.

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Nicola Savino, the drama that is hidden in his past

In 2014 the fifty-four year old born in Lucca he tragically lost his father. Regarding the sad death, Nicola spent a few words with extremely moving content, recently also reported on the Instagram page zon_magazine. Before his death, Savino’s parent suffered severely from a terrible disease that has gripped him for some time.

Nicola Savino (Websource)

“My father had a very severe depression. He got sick just when I was born, but then it got worse. It is not easy for a child to grow up with a severely depressed parent. Yet I can say with certainty that despite the illness, he never made me and my sisters lack love “, declared Nicola with his heart in his hand, before revealing a heartbreaking anecdote that dates back to the last months of his father’s life. .

“Four months before he died, in 2014, there was also this mother scene, like a movie, where he hugged me and said, ‘I haven’t been a good father.’ I told him it was fantastic and hugged him back… And it really was. He loved me, I loved him. He had some problems ”, these were the touching phrases with which the presenter recalled his beloved parent who unfortunately left this world several years ago.

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