Phone password, with this trick you can unlock any device

Who has never forgotten their phone password? There is actually a way to unlock it anyway, so you can access all your data

When buying a new smartphone, one of the first things to do – when setting up – is set a lock. Whether it is a PIN, a password, biometric data or other, it is always good to have an extra form of security, so as to prevent malicious people from accessing all your personal information and your private data.

Have you forgotten the password to unlock your phone? Here is a useful trick to solve (Pixabay)

But sometimes, it’s just these security tools to cheat the owners of the device. Who has never happened to forget the password and panic? In reality, there is nothing to worry about. There are some simple and effective methods that will allow you to have your phone as good as new in no time.

How to unlock your smartphone without a password

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You can solve the situation on both Android and iOS (Unsplash)

Let’s start with Android smartphone, what to do if you don’t remember your own password? The number one tip is to carry out the reset remotely, using the function Find my device by Google. Just enter your details and, next to the map, there will be a section with various buttons. Including the one for the reset, with the password that will be deleted forever.

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If, on the other hand, you have a Huawei device with HMS, you will not be able to access Google services directly. You will therefore have to use the feature Find Device via the Huawei cloud. Once logged in, click on Find device and, among the various functions available, there is the one to remove the data and then continue. You can also proceed with a manual reset using the Recovery mode, if you don’t have a PC in your hands.

Finally we open the discussion iOS, for which the process is much slower and more cumbersome. We advise you to download PassFab iPhone Unlocker, a useful software to unlock the iPhone in different cases. Not only unlock code, but also Apple ID, password, broken screen and so on. Or Find iPhone, Apple’s official tool that works with iCloud and will give you the ability to perform a remote reset. As it also happens with Android, in a few minutes.

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