Prince William caught with another woman, Kate Middleton’s reaction is unexpected

Kate Middleton furious with her husband. Prince William infuriated the Duchess of Cambridge. Here’s what happened.

In a very recent interview with Prince Harry he had defended his wife Meghan who was constantly being compared to Kate. Some of her in fact claimed that the Duchess of Sussex was not able to adapt as well to the rules of the palace as her brother William’s wife did. Harry, tired of the constant speculations about the mother of his children, replied that the woman is actually extremely brave, just like her mother. He then threw a bomb on his sister-in-law Kate. According to Harry, his brother’s wife lives as a prisoner while Meghan has managed to get her freedom. Harry’s words seem not to have shocked the Duchess of Cambridge in the slightest that she never bothered to answer the grave accusation. What infuriated her was her husband, not her brother-in-law!

Prince William disrespects his wife. Furious Kate lashes out at her husband

Prince William really pissed off his wife. The two seem at first glance a perfect couple that is also winning the consent of the British people and fans of the English monarchy. Yet some have noted that good water does not always flow between husband and wife. From some attitudes of the Duchess it can be deduced that the woman is very jealous of her husband. Some believe that she is “exaggerated” while others have sided with her side of her especially after Prince William disrespected her in public. Prince William made the same gesture not once, but several times and with different women. Here’s what happened.

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We are talking about when William attended the women’s football final which saw the English winners triumph right in the Wembley stadium. As soon as there was the whistle that sanctioned the victory of the English players, the Prince flung himself onto the field warmly embracing the European winners. Obviously all of these hugs were immortalized by all the photographers present at the match and Kate was especially furious that the press considered her husband’s hugs “too bold”. According to some rumors, it seems that Kate has gone mad, not only for the presence of the photos but above all for this comment from the press which, according to her, underlines a serious lack of respect towards the future Queen.

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