Raghav Chadha called Sidhu ‘Rakhi Sawant of politics’ so filmmakers were furious; The actress also reacted like this

Raghav Chadha called Sidhu ‘Rakhi Sawant

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Raghav Chadha has come under attack from people for his remarks made on Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu. Actually, Raghav Chadha tweeted and called Navjot Singh Sidhu ‘Rakhi Sawant of politics’. In his tweet, he wrote, “Rakhi Sawant of Punjab politics, Navojat Singh Sidhu was scolded by the Congress high command for constantly boasting against Capt. That is why today he has gone after Arvind Kejriwal for change. Wait for tomorrow, as he will again speak against Capt.


Opposing Raghav Chadha’s tweet, TV actress Kavita Kaushik tweeted, in which she fiercely targeted the AAP leader. Replying to Raghav Chaddha, the TV actress wrote, “Rakhi Sawant – the most hardworking woman who works with utmost sincerity in whatever project she gets. She can even hit a dull and a flop show.”


Kavita Kaushik further wrote in the tweet, “He is more of a compliment than a hate comment.” The special thing is that Rakhi Sawant’s reaction also came on Raghav Chadha’s tweet. The actress was trending on Twitter since the AAP leader’s tweet. In such a situation, the actress shared those screen shots on Instagram account.


Rakhi Sawant also shared a screen shot of Kavita Kaushik’s reply to Raghav Chaddha in the post. Sharing the post, she wrote, “Grand, best wishes to you as I am trending on Twitter. Thank you so much God.” Let us inform that filmmaker Ashok Pandit was also seen furious on Raghav Chadha’s tweet.


Replying to Raghav Chaddha’s tweet, Ashok Pandit wrote, “It is malice to demean a self-made female artist Rakhi Sawant for her own sake. It seems that insulting women is in AAP’s culture. While one person from your party is in jail due to domestic violence, others are also accused of harassment of women.


Filmmaker Ashok Pandit even demanded an apology from Raghav Chadha in a tweet. On the other hand, journalist Rohini Singh, opposing Raghav Chadha’s tweet, wrote, “Indian politics is dominated by misogyny. Can’t criticize an opponent without naming a woman?


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