Rajkumar met air hostess Jennifer for the first time in flight, became ‘Gayatri’ after marriage

Rajkumar met air hostess Jennifer

Actor Raj Kumar is remembered as a strong actor of Hindi cinema world. While working in Hindi cinema, his heart fell on Meena Kumari and sometimes Hema Malini but their real love story started when he met Anglo-Indian Jennifer.


Jennifer and Rajkumar met on a flight. Jennifer was an air hostess. Rajkumar liked Jennifer at first sight and Jennifer also liked Rajkumar’s style very much. With this, a series of meetings between Rajkumar and Jennifer started. Rajkumar married Jennifer in the 60s.


After marriage, Jennifer accepted Hinduism, after which, according to Hindu customs, she was named Gayatri. The prince continued to love Gayatri throughout his life. The prince had two sons named Puru and Panini. They also have a daughter whose name is Reality.


Rajkumar used to talk very little about his personal life. He used to keep a gap between his personal and professional life. He also kept his children away from the limelight. Film magazines did not even come to his house.


Rajkumar was a big fan of Hema Malini before meeting Jennifer and he wanted her in his heart. It is said that he got Vaijantimala replaced to get Hema Malini cast in the film ‘Lal Patthar’. When Hema refused to do the film, she was again persuaded by Rajkumar, after which Hema did the film. Rajkumar also proposed marriage to Hema Malini which was rejected by the actress.


When Rajkumar was shooting for the film ‘Pakeezah’ with Meena Kumari, his heart fell on Meena Kumari. He was in love with her unilaterally. But even this love did not reach any point.


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