Roberryc, the influencer throws herself into the public: groped by dozens of guys. On social media: “You wanted it”

Al century responds to the name of Roberta Carlucciobut among her audience she is better known as Roberryc, a stage name that he uses on social networks and in his live shows when he performs with his «girls». Right in the thing of one of these nights at the disco at the Caffé del Mar in Pescara, in Abruzzo, the influencer she found herself involved, in spite of herself, in a shameful episode of harassment that gave her a lot to think about and that she wanted report on social media.

The prof signs up on OnlyFans and the controversy breaks out between the parents. She replies: “It’s my business”

Roberryc, the influencer’s social complaint

During the evening based on music, alcohol and fun, the girl decided to throw herself into the crowd. An artistic gesture that she cost dearly since she, as soon as she landed in the arms of the male audience present, she was groped in the private parts and in the rest of her body. A vulgar scene that has seriously embarrassed Roberta who, as shown in the video published by herself on social media, has resorted to the help of the security forces to be able to free herself from the herd.

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“Too bad that such a beautiful moment was ruined by some stupid … At least now all of Italy can watch you suck” wrote the influencer on his Instagram profile. “I don’t know if what happened is more serious or the fact that maybe I should have expected it. Having said that, I have not published this thing to make endless media victimization but I feel compelled to show the other side of the coin, I feel I must also protect other creators and women in general … ».

But the social complaint does not stop there. While acknowledging that it was not “a very smart move on my part to take and throw myself into the crowd”, “certain things in my opinion should not be done regardless.” But “apparently we are not given the privilege of behaving as we please. Having said that, I wanted to thank the staff of the venue for helping me and the other people who came to the event to support me and give me their love, I love you ».

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