Rudy Zerbi “They fired me at 40…” | the confession is chilling

Rudy Zerbi himself decided to make a really chilling revelation, he was fired at 40. The dramatic situation he had to face.

To date he is one of the most loved and appreciated characters not only on the television scene, but also on the radio, a great passion, yes we are talking about Rudy Zerbi, since he joined the Maria De Filippi ‘stable’ as a professor he brought his great King Midas touch to the program.

Rudy Zerbi

Rudy in fact has the great talent of being able to find diamonds among the coal, is a real talent scout in the music field. He is also loved by his students who see him as a mentor, Zudi is a sunny and peaceful person, knows how to be a good listener and always manages to give the right advice, but for him it has not always been so bright, in his life he had to go through some situations that were not exactly easy.

It was Rudy Zerbi himself who recently wanted to tell a particularly black period of his life leaving everyone speechless.

Rudy Zerbi’s shocking confession

During his career Rudy Zerbi has really done everything in the entertainment world, his love for music led him to take his first steps as a disc jockey at a very young age in the famous nightclub in Santa Margherita Ligure, Covo di Nord Est, in later he moved to Milan to expand his possibilities and with his talent it was not difficult, in fact he began to be a talent scout nothing less than for Sony Music, but Rudy wants to do and does not stop.

His absurd interviews with international artists become famous as well as collaborating with Gialappa’s Band, he also knows another big of musical talent Mara Maionchi with whom he writes a manual entitled If you are not wrong you do not know that you are losta message that Rudy often carries with him to make people understand the importance of falling to understand how to get up in the best way, obviously the presence of the famous music critic as judge of X Factor is also unforgettable.

In short, it would seem that Rudy Zerbi’s career has been only a crescendo of satisfaction, but in reality it is not like that at all and he himself told a truly incredible background that left everyone speechless.

Rudy Zerbi was fired at 40

Rudy Zerbi

During an interview in the program of Lorella Cuccarini, “A coffee with …”, Rudy told of his relationship with Maria De Filippi revealing a very special situation that saw him as a protagonist in a moment of his life.

So the singing teacher told, “I have never been ashamed to say that I was fired. Failures and things that don’t work in life shouldn’t be hidden. It is unthinkable that everything will go well in a lifetime. At 30, I became president and CEO of Sony. I was young, I had power, money and an extraordinary life. One day from America they called me and talked about the company merger and they told me they no longer need me ”.

Then he continues, “They fired me. At that moment I found myself without a job at not even 40 years with 3 children, with a life ahead. I didn’t know what to do “.

Rudy’s confession is chilling, many in his shoes would have felt lost, he was at the peak of his career, he was 40 years old and from one moment to the next he had lost everything, but instead of despair he decided to ask for help and phoned Maria De Filippi,The first thing I did was call Maria to inform her of the news and I thanked her. She told me she was happy and liked how I worked and told me to go and work with her. I was never ashamed to say that I was fired ”.

Rudy Zerbi

To conclude Rudy sends an important message to many, “Failures and things that don’t work in life shouldn’t be hidden. It is unthinkable that everything will go well in a lifetime ”.



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