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Italy may have an even better economic performance than Germany between this year and next. Word of Guntram Wolffa German political economist, who in an interview with Republic outlined a positive future for our country, provided however that the “path of growth-oriented reforms” continues. In this sense Mario Dragons it would have been a great assurance, given that “he managed to protect the country from Russian gas blackmail”.

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The fall of his government worries Wolff for two reasons: “We don’t want him to change his position on the Russia, which has been of impeccable firmness, and of course we would not welcome an irrational fiscal policy. But I would say that for the moment we are much more concerned about the first of these two reasons “. The fear is that a new government, especially a center-right one, may not be determined enough against Moscow: “Draghi has taken an exemplary position from day one. Never a step back from the ferocious Russian aggression ”.

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If the rights win? Well, it is a fact – Wolff replied – that the parties that led to the government crisis are the same ones that have shown some understanding towards Putin ”. On the economic front, on the other hand, Italy “deserves respect for the way it has managed its economy and for the speed with which it emerged from the Covid crisis. The important thing is that it does not change direction: for this reason, the German Finance Minister Lindner wants the new stability pact to be sufficiently rigorous ”.

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