Salman Khan had got fake teeth made to meet other girl except girlfriend, theft was caught, such a situation happened

Salman Khan had got fake teeth

The love stories of Salman Khan’s films have been as interesting as the love stories of his personal life. One such love story was mentioned by Salman Khan on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. He had told that when he was 17-18 years old, he was dating a girl. But then his heart fell on another girl whom Salman had gone to meet with false teeth.


The girl on whom Salman’s heart had come was his ex. He had told, ‘A long time ago I was dating someone and then I felt like dating someone else. Serious dating was no, it was just the beginning.. 17-18 years old will be mine. I thought maybe the first one would feel bad. My uncle is a dentist, I got dentures made from him and left.


He had further told, ‘The ones I was dating were my ex-girlfriends. If X comes back in life, if you are in trouble, then you have to go and meet. My present girlfriend doesn’t mind, so to save misery, get dentures made.


Salman Khan got fake teeth installed so that he could not recognize his girlfriend but as soon as he went to the Oberoi hotel to meet his ex, his girlfriend was present there. He immediately recognized Salman and asked what had happened to his teeth.


Even before appearing in films, Salman Khan had come into the discussion about his love life. When Sangeeta Bijlani became Miss India in the year 1980, the news of Salman and his affair started pouring in since then. However, their relationship did not last long.


After this Somi Ali came in Salman Khan’s life. Salman Khan’s relationship with Somi also did not go well. Somi had told after separating from Salman Khan that she was troubled by his drinking addiction. He had said that Salman used to misbehave with him as well.


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