She has an incurable brain tumor: Conny saved by the doctors of the Aquaviva delle Fonti hospital

Conny is an entrepreneur who works in Puglia and that has been working for several years in the field of aeronautical solidarity events, in particular what concerns balloon flights. She had recently been diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor and so Conny had decided to rely on a luminary in the sector to find the right cure for his disease. But, contrary to popular belief, a professional from the regional general hospital saved her Miulli of Aquaviva delle Fonti.

Conny herself decided to tell his story through a letter sent to La Gazzatta del Mezzogiorno, publicly thanking the doctor who saved her life: «My name is Conny, I work with balloons and children. The purpose of my work is to donate a smile for research, a work aimed at supporting the research carried out by the Matteo Coveri Onlus Association which is committed to raising funds to be allocated to the University of Florence, in order to help research to block tumors. rare infants and generate molecules and drugs for cancers such as Glioblastoma. My story does not have a casual connection with the University of Florence, precisely because the person to whom I owe my life today studied at this University. I’m talking about the legendary doctor David Giraldi, 40 years old from Tuscany, a wonderful person, a Doctor with a capital D, a magical person, how magical the chance encounter with him was ».


«In 2020 I was diagnosed with a very large brain mass of 4 centimeters, which no one has been able to give a name and surname. It is a particular mass that carries with it a high risk of death: asking to be able to do a biopsy I always received the same advice, that is to keep everything under observation, as I did. However, due to poorly reported MRI scans, my tumor has become malignant; I could have cured myself, but I was not told that the resonance report showed an increase of one centimeter in the mass: it was always written that everything had not evolved. It is only thanks to a close friend who pushed me to consult another doctor, a neuro oncologist from Padua who, observing the resonances, told me that the problem had evolved by a centimeter and so decided to join the circuit. Oncologist of the Miulli Hospital, making me meet the head of radiotherapy, Dr. Alba Fiorentino, who acted as an intermediary between me and Dr. David Giraldi. I was supposed to have radiotherapy with her. Instead, she decided, with her sweetness, to let me speak to the neurosurgeon, as there was no time for radiotherapy. I understood that I would have to undergo an operation, otherwise I would not have arrived in October. So it was and within ten days, precisely on 21 July at 8 am, the doctor operated on me together with his team and saved me through the use of new technologies in 3d mapping. An incredible result: in 7 hours of surgery he removed 80% of my mass and, thanks to his work, I am at home today. I live thanks to him ».

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Puglia has a hospital of Italian excellence, Miulli, with a mythical doctor like him. We don’t have to go very far: Dr. Giraldi, it seems he came out of a fiction of the American ones, where they operate just as he did, with the music in the operating room, what he knew I would have liked, because he asked me before. what song I would have preferred to hear during the operation. So with the background of the 80s the team led by Dr. Giraldi and composed by Dr. Salvatore D’Oria, Dr. Domenico Murrone, Dr. Giuseppe Salamone and Dr. Alberto Tomatis have put my life back on its feet! Thanks will never be enough ».

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