Should I start calling Sadhvi Pragya as Suraiya Khanam? Tasleem Rahmani furious over Sambit Patra’s statement in live debate

Should I start calling Sadhvi Pragya

Amish Devgan’s show in News18 India’s live debate saw a heated argument between BJP leader Sambit Patra and SDPI leader Taslim Rahmani. During the debate, Tasleem Rahmani broke down and started telling Sambit Patra that- ‘Should I call Sadhvi Pragya as Suraiya Khanum? If you want to take all the names of Muslims, then you should also say Suraiya Khanum to Sadhvi Pragya.


To this, Sambit Patra replied to Taslim Rahmani and said- ‘You call Sadhvi Pragya to Suraiya Khanum, we have no objection. Where do I bring Hindu terrorism in this, when Hindus are not terrorists?


Patra further said- ‘I said absolutely right in my opening statement that these two Muslim brothers of ours come as experts in debate, sometimes they support Taliban, sometimes they support terrorism, then against whom are they doing this justice? They justify against the whole of India. Because people think that this is the thinking of the community! This was not the thinking of the community. This is some individual thinking. In which they try to do politics in the name of the community.


Patra further said- ‘It has just been said here that there are some people who are sitting as Members of Parliament. Amish brother, I am surprised that if their bus will work, then they will say that an amendment should be brought in the Parliament that if their (terrorist) name is Jan Mohammad, Osama… then you change it. Name him Ramesh Agarwal. Name him Kartik Gupta. You cannot call Jaan Mohammad as Jaan Mohammad. His name should be Kartik Sharma.


Patra further says, it will happen like this after a few days, you write it down. I wonder, tell me which terrorist has become a member of parliament? These are the same people who support from Zakir Nayak to Yakub Memon.


Patra further says- ‘These terrorists who have been caught are Osama’s ‘baby’… Muslim child. These boys are ‘innocent children’ who have been caught by the police. Amish Bhai, think we only come to debate, you will be surprised, after the debate, for many hours, the mind wanders that after all, what have we come to debate. It is the policemen who have caught these terrorists, they go to such an extent to kill the terrorists that they orphan their children, what must be going on their hearts, think about it.


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