Simi Grewal refused to work in Rishi Kapoor, Tina Munim’s film! Subhash Ghai had celebrated the actress like this

Simi Grewal refused to work in Rishi Kapoor

Actress Simi Grewal played a negative character Kamini Verma in the 1980 film, ‘Karz’ which brought her immense fame. Although initially Simi refused to act in ‘Karz’ starring Rishi Kapoor, Tina Munim. But Subhash Ghai wanted Simi for the film, so he had with great difficulty convinced Simi for that role.


Subhash Chandra had told in an interview to Wild Films India that Simi felt that if he played a negative character, his image would be affected badly. Subhash Ghai had told, ‘The biggest casting problem in the film was for the role of Simi ji. I knew that no other actor can do that role except Simi ji. If Simi ji is not in the film then the film will be different.


Subhash Ghai had further told, ‘I used to convince him for a long time that you do this role. She always hesitated that I would become a vamp, bad role, negative role. I explained to him that this is the role of an actor, there is nothing negative or positive in this. This will give you a lot of recognition. Her physical grace, pause, way of talking was very similar to the character, so she was needed for the role. Later she agreed.


Simi Grewal’s choice for Kamini Verma proved to be right for Subhash Ghai. The role not only brought her fame but Simi Grewal also won the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award for the film Karz.


Simi Grewal is also known for Raj Kapoor’s film, ‘Mera Naam Joker’. Some of his popular movies are Teen Deviyan, Andaz, Namak Haram, Chalte Chalte, Kabhi Kabhi. Apart from films, Simi also worked as a writer director in the field of television. He worked as a writer and director in the documentaries on the lives of Raj Kapoor and Rajiv Gandhi. Simi Grewal’s TV show, ‘Rendezvous With Simi Garewal’ became very popular, which she was the host. A talk show started in the year 1997 had 5 seasons.


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