Speak less, a bit – Shiv Sena spokesperson clashed with Sambit Patra, BJP leader also replied – Why should I speak less, are you Babar’s uncle?

Speak less, a bit – Shiv Sena spokesperson

A case of alleged thrashing of a BJP councilor by a group of Shiv Sena workers came to light in Maharashtra’s Ulhasnagar. The video related to this also went viral on social media. This matter related to Shiv Sena workers was also discussed in Zee News’ debate show ‘Taal Thok Ke’, where Shiv Sena spokesperson Kishore Tiwari and BJP leader Sambit Patra also got into a heated argument. In the debate, Kishore Tiwari told Sambit Patra to speak less. On this, the BJP spokesperson also left no stone unturned to reply.


In the debate show, Shiv Sena leader Kishor Tiwari said, “Whoever says that who uproots me, we uproot and we have also told this. Speak less, please. Speak less, otherwise you will uproot and throw it. Sambit Patra also did not back down from answering Kishore Tiwari’s talk.


Sambit Patra retorted on Kishore Tiwari’s words and said, “Why should I speak less, are you Babar? Babar’s uncle is there, says that speak less, otherwise I will come. Taking a jibe at Sambit Patra’s words, Kishore Tiwari said, “Look, he is irritated.” At the same time, Sambit Patra also taunted and said, “From today your new name is Babar’s uncle.”


Sambit Patra further said in his statement, “Not worried, from today you have got a new name, Babar’s uncle. From today onwards you are Babar’s uncle. Sambit Patra also shared the video related to the debate show with his Twitter handle and wrote, “Babar’s uncle.” Social media users also commented heavily on the BJP spokesperson’s post.


Questioning Sambit Patra, a user named Mahesh Patil wrote, “Sir when will petrol be Rs 40 per liter, diesel Rs 35 per liter? When will farmers’ income double? Please tell.” While expressing displeasure over the words of Shiv Sena spokesperson, a user wrote, “How can they openly threaten anyone in this debate? The government must set some rules for people like these.”


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