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His true name is Roberta Carlucciobut it is far more famous as Roberryc, stage name that he uses on his social networks and in live shows, when he performs with his “girls”. She is an influencer, quite famous among the youngest. And now she has jumped to the headlines for an unfortunate event that occurred during an evening at the disco at Coffee of the Sea of ​​Pescara. A very bad episode of harassment, which he reported on his social profiles.

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Over the course of the evening, the girl decided to throw herself into the crowd. Too bad that after landing in the arms of the male audience, she was groped several times all over her body, including her private parts. An unacceptable scene, a beautiful and good violence, which had to be helped by the security forces to break free from the herd.

“Too bad that such a beautiful moment was ruined by some stupid … At least now all of Italy can watch you suck”, Roberryc thundered on Instagram, in a series of stories. And again: “I don’t know if what happened is more serious or the fact that maybe I should have expected it. Having said that, I didn’t publish this thing to make endless media victimization but I feel obliged to show the other person too. side of the coin, I feel I have to protect other creators and women in general … “, concluded the influencer.

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Roberryc, the harassment suffered in Pescara: here the video

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