Taiwan, the greatest expert on missiles found dead in the hotel: mystery about the causes

An officer of Taiwan he was found dead in a hotel. Ou Yang Li-hsing was the deputy head of the Chung-Shan National Institute of Science and Technology, an agency belonging to the Ministry of Defense, and leading expert on missiles. Authorities are investigating the causes of his death.

Taiwan war, “China simulated an attack on the island”. Defense: response with missile systems

Taiwanese missile expert found dead in hotel, yellow

Authorities said Ou Yang, 57 years olddied for a heart attack and the hotel room showed no signs of “intrusion”. His family said she had a history of heart disease. Ou Yang was on a business trip in southern Pingtung County.

China continues military exercises

As China continues to carry out military exercises, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense has sent aircraft and ships and deployed ground-based missile systems. Several Chinese ships and planes crossed the Taiwan Strait midline on Friday morning, the Defense Ministry said, which described Chinese military activities as highly provocative. The Taiwanese military will prepare combat readiness but will not call for a war, the defense ministry added. China has conducted unprecedented military exercises following the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

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