The director of ‘Zanjeer’ did not fulfill the promise made to Salman Khan’s father, he got the poster done in anger.

The director of ‘Zanjeer’ did not fulfill

The film ‘Zanjeer’ was released in the year 1973. Amitabh Bachchan was in the lead role in the film. This film proved to be a milestone in Amitabh’s career. Zanjeer was directed by Prakash Mehra and written by the Salim-Javed duo. Even before this, both had written many hit films, but they did not get credit for it. That’s why he wanted that whenever a film written by him is released, he must be given credit.


He put a condition in front of Prakash Mehra that both of them must be named on the poster of the film. However, Prakash Mehra got busy with other work and forgot his promise later. According to the report of ‘Times of India’, before the release of the film, posters were put up all over the city of Mumbai and both of them were not even named in it. After seeing the poster, both got angry and reached Prakash Mehra. Prakash Mehra promised him that the posts of this film would definitely be posted next time, but this time he has forgotten.


Got his name written by the painter: Salim and Javed angrily caught a painter and asked him to write Salim-Javed’s name at the bottom of each poster. The painter did not understand and wrote the name of Salim-Javed on the faces of the stars. This completely spoiled the look of the posters because the painter had written Salim-Javed’s name on Amitabh’s face at many places. The film became a superhit and its news reached Prakash Mehra.


Prakash Mehra got the posters printed once again and full credit was given to Salim-Javed. Javed Akhtar had told in an interview, no one was even ready to buy the film. The script of the film was narrated to many actors, but they did not want to work in it. Then this film was given to Amitabh Bachchan and it became one of the biggest hits of his career. We had not even written any song in the film and it was a completely different film at that time.


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