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16.02 Jetse Bol is planted and is the first to be incorporated by the group.

16.01 Marco Frigo returns to Canal and detaches it! The 22-year-old Italian tries to take a moment of glory and visibility.

16.00 Fall for Azurmendi who ended up in a rather grotesque way out of the way.

15.59 Carlos Rodriguez is imposing a remarkable pace and the breakaway has only 45 seconds of advantage.

15.58 First skimming in the platoon with sprinters and long-distance runners who lose contact.

15.57 Ascent with peaks of inclination even at 17% and an average gradient of 6.2%. There will be a few breaths.

15.56 It seems already quite packed Canal: the efforts made on the run are being felt.

15.55 The ascent of Lagunas de Neila begins!

15.54 The Movistars also show up: Alejandro Valverde can try to do something interesting.

15.52 Miguel Angel Lopez at the flagship for refueling before the start of the climb.

15.50 Pavel Sivakov reaches the first positions of the platoon.

15.48 Canal returns to the head of the race and tries to place the counterattack!

15.47 Frigo has reached Bol, while Canal comes off! From the group he tried to attack Repa to take a point in the GPM and protect the best climber jersey.

15.45 This is the passage on the Alto del Collado de Vilviestre:

1 BOL Jetse 6
2 FRIDGE Marco 4
3 CANAL Carlos 2
4 ŘEPA Vojtěch 1

15.43 The treads launched downhill and Marco Frigo lost about ten meters compared to his fellow adventurers.

15.41 Virtually only Vadim Pronskiy is pulling in the group: the Kazakh from Astana reported the gap in the order of two minutes.

15.39 Already losing the wheels of the Fernando Gaviria group.

15.37 Jetse Bol takes a bottle from the flagship to hydrate: it is essential not to stay dry in this heat.

15.35 After three hours of racing.

15.33 Here is the situation 33 km from the finish:

15.31 The slowdown continues in the group: Astana, EF and Ineos shoot with a few men.

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15.29 The Alto del Collado de Vilviestre is a 3.1 km to 4.5% climb: a kind of warm-up in view of the final ascent to Lagunas de Neila.

15.27 30000 meters to go to the finish line! Soon the Alto del Collado de Vilviestre will be tackled.

15.25 The Education First appear in front of them who have two valid cards to play uphill like Esteban Chaves and Hugh Carthy.

15.23 The platoon loosened its grip in the last kilometers and the advantage of the three outriders returned to around 2’30 ”.

15.21 Pace kept constant by Manuele Boaro who in the last races has been the protagonist of several escapes from afar.

15.19 Marco Frigo (Israel Cycling Academy), Carlos Canal (Euskaltel – Euskadi) and Jetse Bol (Burgos-BH) continue to collaborate fruitfully. The goal for these three is to make as far as possible on the run.

15.17 Now in addition to the Astana, the UAE Team Emirates riders for Joao Almeida show up.

15.15 40 kilometers to the finish! In the last twenty minutes the group’s average hourly is over a kilometer per hour higher than that of the men on the run.

15.12 At the end of the group Juan Pedro Lopez who has so far played a rather anonymous Vuelta a Burgos,

15.09 Dario Cataldo leaves the group to go to the flagship to get water bottles for his teammates.

15.06 Now it is Astana that leads the group for Miguel Angel Lopez and Vincenzo Nibali.

15.03 Less than 50 kilometers to the end!

15.00 This is the passage on the Alto de Arroyo:

1 FRIDGE Marco 6
2 BOL Jetse 4
3 CANAL Carlos 2
4 SCULLY Tom 1

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14.57 On the Alto de Arroyo the first to pass was our Marco Frigo.

14.54 We remember the three riders in the lead: Marco Frigo (Israel Cycling Academy), Carlos Canal (Euskaltel – Euskadi) and Jetse Bol (Burgos-BH).

14.51 Almost 120 kilometers already covered.

14.48 Jetse Bol is the most experienced rider in the leading group: six times at the start of the Vuelta in Burgos.

14.45 A conquest by Pavel Sivakov of the general classification of the Vuelta a Burgos would mean a double for the Ineos Grenadiers who also won the Tour of Poland this week with Ethan Hayter.

14.42 Some images from the first bars of the last stage:

14.39 The treads are already on the descent of the Alto Arroyo. Now another quiet stretch before the Alto del Collado de Vilviestre.

14.36 Astana, Education First and Ineos Grenadiers control the situation in the group.

14.33 Together with Jetse Bol on the run there are also the 22-year-old Italian Marco Frigo (Israel Cycling Academy) and the Spanish Carlos Canal (Euskaltel – Euskadi).

14.30 Less than 70 kilometers to the end: after two hours the hourly average is around 50 km / h.

14.27 Today the highest peak of this Vuelta a Burgos will be reached with the 1867 meters of Lagunas de Neila.

14.24 There are only five kilometers to go to the attack of Alto Arroyo.

14.21 We are exactly in the middle of this last stage.

14.18 The last victory of Burgos-BH dates back to 2019 when in the fifth stage of the Vuelta Madrazo won right in front of Jetse Bol.

14.15 Seven riders have escaped from the group: among them is the Dutch Jetse Bol (Burgos-BH).

14.12 The withdrawal of Oliver Knight (UAE Team Emirates) is reported. The Briton is running as an intern in the Arab training.

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14.09 Still the escape is not managing to take over: the elastic continues with the group when there are 90 kilometers to go.

14.06 The final climb of Lagunas de Neila can really make the difference: 12 kilometers at 6.2% average gradient with a first part that can be pedaled and a second part with peaks above 11%.

14.03 Uphill arrival that will act as a watershed in the short Spanish stage race: today there is a showdown.

14.00 Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the last stage of the Vuelta a Burgos 2022.

The chronicle of the fourth stage

Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the fifth and final stage of the Vuelta a Burgos 2022. The short Spanish stage race ends with the queen stage.

From Lerma to Lagunas de Neila: 170 kilometers with almost 3000 meters of elevation gain. The second category mountain grand prix of Alto del Majadal, Alto de Arroyo and Alto del Collado de Vilviestre will serve to warm up the engines for the final climb: Lagunas de Neila. 12 kilometers at 6.2% average gradient with a first part that can be pedaled and a second part with peaks above 11%.

Vincenzo Nibali has the last chance to show off and refine the condition ahead of the Vuelta. The Sicilian will have to deal with the purple shirt of Pavel Sivakov: the Franco-Russian did very well in the Picon Blanco stage. Watch out too Miguel Angel Lopez which appeared in good shape. Always to keep in mind Jai Hindleywinner of the Giro d’Italia and the Bahrain-Victorious couple formed by Santiago Buitrago And Mikel Landa.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of the fifth stage of the Vuelta a Burgos 2022. We will update you starting at 2.00 pm. Good fun!

Photo: Lapresse

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