The government gave crores of rupees to the farmers of UP – said the anchor, Rakesh Tikait got angry

The government gave crores of rupees

Bharatiya Kisan Union leader and farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has already started planning a strategy for next year’s assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Rakesh Tikait has been continuously opening a front against BJP to put pressure on the government on behalf of farmers agitating against agricultural laws. In this election too, he will be seen raising his voice against the BJP.


Meanwhile, he participated in Aaj Tak’s show, ‘Dangal’ where he was seen getting annoyed by the questions of anchor Chitra Tripathi. Chitra Tripathi questioned him, ‘The Prime Minister has written that at the time of Corona, the government has transferred more than one lakh crore money to the account of small farmers of the country. And only Uttar Pradesh.. there more than 24 thousand crores money has been given to the farmers. So don’t you see it?’


In response, Rakesh Tikait said, ‘We said that give us the feeling, that’s it. You are not giving us our own money. You didn’t pay for sugarcane. You are giving half the rate of crops and you are saying that they should be given in the account. You give us our feeling, don’t you get the accounting done for us.’


The anchor of the show further questioned, ‘The Prime Minister has said in Aligarh that more than one lakh 40 thousand crore rupees have been paid to sugarcane farmers in four years.’


Getting annoyed by his remark, Rakesh Tikait said, ‘I am saying that lying will be of any benefit to him? If we would have given sugarcane, they would have given money. What does the government mean in that? Why are you fooling the public and why are you fooling yourself by taking their papers. Means you have reached the limit of spreading false propaganda.


On his words, Chitra Tripathi said, ‘Whatever you say is the truth, what you say is a lie. Meaning whatever you say should be believed, whatever the Prime Minister says should be taken as wrong?’


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