“The housing situation in Milan is unsustainable, I am thinking of a future away from here” – Corriere.it

from Sara Bettoni

The Milanese writer comments on the prices of housing in the city: it is customary to ask for 700 euros for a room and at least 1000 for a studio flat. And it will get worse and worse

The houses in Milan? Care, too expensive. So much so that the Milanese want to move elsewhere. Or at least according to the writer Jonathan Bazzi. Born in 1985 under the Madonnina, he set in his town in the hinterland of origin, Rozzano, the debut novel Febbre that brought him to the final at the Strega in 2020. And Milan is also the backdrop for his second book, Corpi minors. Yet his great love for the city is cracking due to the cost of housing. He explains it in a tweet that he relaunches a recent article in the Courier
on the increase in house prices in the next three years: + 12% in Milan, + 9% in Rome.

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The latest reports on neighborhood prices say that the largest percentage price increases in the city were recorded in the cheaper peripheral areas of the city (such as Bovisasca or Ponte Lambro). It is now common practice to ask for 700 for a room and at least 1000 for a studio flat. And it will get worse and worse, the writer comments bitterly. These standards are unsustainable, except for a few. Hence the reflection: I begin to think that my future will no longer be here, in my city. Over 3,000 likes and 310 retweets: there are those who ask politics to intervene, those who make a comparison with other cities, those who emphasize the issue of salaries. And who, finally, proposes to resolve the issue thanks to the smart working: moving elsewhere and working remotely.

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