the rare case of a woman with chest pain during an orgasm-

from Cristina Marrone

A 45-year-old woman was hospitalized after having sex with her husband. The patient suffered from hypertension but had not been treated for over a year. Discharged after three days

The scientific literature tells of several cases of men surprised by a heart attack during a sexual intercourse. This time for a woman with
untreated hypertension
to be almost died from an orgasm, reporting significant damage to the aorta. An unusual case, very rare, never documented so far and reported in the American Journal of Case Reports by the doctors of the emergency room of Merit Health Wesley in Mississippi.

First a sound in the chest and then a stabbing pain

The 45-year-old woman went to the emergency room complaining of severe chest pains. When the doctors asked her if she had been exercising she reported that shortly before the onset of symptoms she had had a sexual intercourse with her husband and to have heard during orgasm a noise in the chest followed by a excruciating pain which radiated up to the back, also accusing shortness of breath and nausea. After a series of tests, a fairly large amount of blood was found in the artery and the doctors realized that he was in pain intramural hematomawhich is part of the acute aortic syndromes. It is a serious condition that requires immediate hospital care. Intramural aortic hematoma had never been diagnosed in relation to sex. The strain injury causes ahemorrhage of the blood vessels of the aortic wall. According to some studies, its incidence varies between 3 and 53% of acute aortic syndromes.

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Risk factors: smoking and hypertension

The patient came to the hospital with a blood pressure of 220/140 mmHg and a heart rate of 98 beats per minute. During the triage the woman explained that she was suffering from
admitting to do not take the drug you have been prescribed for at least one year. She also admitted that she had been a heavy smoker since the age of 17, although she recently smoked six to seven cigarettes a day. Isidre Vila Costapresident of the Valvulopathies and Aortic Pathology section of the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC), interviewed by El Mundo explained: It is an anecdotal case because this type of aortic dissection typically occurs in men over 60. However, behind most of these types of events is untreated or underdiagnosed hypertension. L’hypertension considered the main risk factor (53%) in most aortic damage documented.

Risk of death

The risk of mortality in this type of cardiovascular accident, in this case the intramural aortic hematoma – one of the lesions included in the acute aortic syndrome –increases by 1% for each hour the patient does not receive cu
king and up to 22% of cases are not diagnosed until death, therefore more information is needed among the medical community for the recognition and immediate treatment of cases.

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Situations of high tension

The circumstances in which this effusion has occurred are not very common among women, while cardiac events after sexual intercourse are not so infrequent in men. In particular – the authors point out – episodes of acute aortic syndrome can occur in situations of high tension, including adultery. The risk of sudden cardiac death during sex has one correlation with adulterywhich could provoke an intensified or unexpected emotional response that makes a person more predisposed to acute aortic syndrome, the scientists wrote in their report stressing once again how the fact that the patient was a woman and had a consenting relationship with her husband still makes the case is more exceptional, so much so that it is described as case reports.

After three days of hospitalization and an intravenous therapy of hypertensive drugs, the woman was discharged and then followed at home with scheduled outpatient checks.

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