The world’s biggest smuggler used to smuggle drugs by plane, used to give 4 lakh dollars to the pilot at a time

The world’s biggest smuggler used

After the arrest of three thousand kilograms of heroin at Mudra Port in Gujarat, the story of drug smugglers and their mafia is coming to the fore again. Which mafia group is doing such a huge amount of smuggling of drugs in today’s date, it is not yet known. But there was only one person in history who could smuggle such a huge consignment of drugs together. The name was Pablo Escobar.


Pablo Escobar was also called the King of Cocaine. He was the only smuggler of his era, who had kept his own airplanes for smuggling. He used to smuggle drugs worth crores of rupees at a time. Many people have come and gone in the world of drug trafficking, but no one has achieved the same place as Pablo. It used to make $420 million a week from drugs. Millions of rupees notes were munched on by rats.


In 1975, Pablo started increasing the business of smuggling. For this he also bought planes. These planes mainly flew between Colombia and Panama. As the cocaine business grew, Pablo bought 15 airplanes for faster delivery around the world. These included a Learjet and six helicopters. At one time Pablo’s Medellin cartel smuggled 80 percent of drugs into America.


Drugs were first supplied via airplane in 1977, containing 250 kg of cocaine. Then it was worth $15 million. Gradually, goods up to 500 kg were being transported at a time. Escobar’s brother Roberto wrote in his book ‘The Accountant’s Story’ that a secret airstrip was built near the Venezuelan border to dispense and manufacture drugs. As soon as the ship gave the signal to land, the houses built there were shifted and an airstrip was visible. When the plane used to take off the goods from here, all the houses used to come to their positions.


Later, when police surveillance increased, drugs were smuggled through planes. It is said that this gang started smuggling by filling drugs in the wheels of planes. According to ABS-CBN, the pilot used to get $ 4 lakh at a time for this work. Imagine how much he would have earned when only the pilot used to get this much.


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