their power officially revealed [SPOILER]

Warning: in this article there will be numerous spoilers regarding the One Piece Red film, thus revealing important parts of the characterization of the characters and the plot. If you do not want to have any anticipation about it, we suggest you do not continue reading, so as not to ruin the narrative experience. If, on the other hand, you are curious or do not worry about spoilers, go ahead to the next lines.

One Piece Red has appeared in Japanese cinemas, initially premiered towards the last weeks of July, and now officially in every cinema present in the Rising Sun.. In a first article we had listed the spoilers and leaks that had emerged thanks to the preview (link here to retrieve them) and now that the film will be seen by millions of people, it is obvious to expect further news.

Speaking of which, here is some new information leaked thanks to some users on the web, to whom Volume 4 Billion was released in theaters.

  • Shanks’s bounty 12 years ago was 1.04 billion berries
  • Shanks is known as “the Haki killer of the Color of observation”: he can control someone’s breath, not allowing his enemies to predict the future
  • Use his flaming sword against the bad guys
  • Ben Beckmandeputy captain of the Shanks crew, is an excellent user of Haki
  • It has superb agility and combat effectiveness. It is a deputy captain who supports silently, with a deep interest in his crew and loves liveliness.
  • He is good at using sniper rifles, his bullets penetrate the enemy
  • he is a man who loves the company of women, and women love him
  • He shows the Haki of the Armament in his hands
  • Yasopp is a sniper, never misses the target
  • Love to dance
  • Lucky Roux he is the cook, he is not good at managing women
  • It has a good Haki
  • Attack like a bowling ball
  • Yasopp has a better Observation Haki than Katakuri. He can see the future in a prolonged way, while Katakuri sees only briefly
  • His title of “chaser” is terrifying.
  • Separated from his family, he misses his son. Usopp is proud of the path his father has taken, and aims towards it.
  • He eats shellfish with their shells and is good at dancing.
  • Building Snake he is the navigator, he attacks with a hammer kick
  • Use a two-sword acrobatic style
  • he is good at defense
  • Bonk Punch and Monster are the musicians
  • As Monster defeats small fish and buys time, Bonk uses it to deliver a powerful punch at a formidable foe with a single breath
  • Oda wrote that his power is super powerful
  • Hongo is the doctor
  • is a weapons specialist
  • He can decompose weapons instantly
  • Love a clean environment
  • Limejuicerole unknown
  • Fights with an electric baton “in the air like Sanji”
  • Howling Gab, unknown role
  • It attacks with sharp howls
  • He hates bugs and ghosts
  • Rockstar, unknown role
  • Attack with his smashing sword style
  • Dig a hole with his sword, like an auger
  • He has a strong sense of justice and wants others to follow the rules

Plot and release date of One Piece Red in Italy

As anticipated in recent months, the One Piece Red film will see Shanks the Red, one of the 4 Emperors of the sea, at the center of the plot not only because of his daughter Uta, but also of a revelation that will prove to be important for the purposes of the plot. main of the saga. The anime film, the franchise’s fifteenth anime feature film, directs Goro Taniguchi to follow a script signed by Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Film Gold, One Piece: Heart of Gold, GANTZ: O, live-action by Black Butler) and will hit theaters. Japanese on August 6, 2022.

Anime Factory, the distribution company owned by Koch Media, will bring the new One Piece movie to our cinemas even if, at the moment, no release date has been made official, revealing only that the film will arrive in the fall. In addition, a preview screening was made official during the Lucca Comics and Games 2022.

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