There was never such an anti-national government in India – from Kovid to demonetisation, Bollywood singer said; people started making such comments

There was never such an anti-national

A post of Bollywood singer Vishal Dadlani has surfaced on social media, in which he was seen targeting the Modi government. Referring to all the issues from Kovid 19 to demonetisation, he has surrounded the BJP government. In his tweet, Vishal Dadlani wrote- ‘It is a sad truth, there has never been so much anti-national government in India before this. All the disasters like – from Kovid and its management to demonetisation, from economy, jobs, human rights to national security, everything has been disturbed. This is the sad truth.’


On this post of Vishal Dadlani, people started commenting in different ways on social media. A user named Ramesh wrote- ‘Can you name any one such country, and tell who had successfully controlled Kovid at that time, the system was well maintained? You are free here that by being so free, you are able to speak against the government of the country, you are able to speak against the government policy. Still do you think there is an issue of human rights? We know that you do not have any big banner work, so doing all this.


One user wrote- ‘The whole world failed regarding the arrangements in Kovid, who did the wrong? If compared to developed countries, India has done a good job keeping 1.3 billion people in mind. what bothered you? Go do some work. Before thinking well what to say, think.’


Indranil Roy said- ‘Indeed, a government that calls all those who question its incompetence as anti-nationals, is in fact the biggest anti-national.’


The comment came from an account named Human Being – ‘Uncle, shift to Afghanistan, there is more democracy and freedom in Afghanistan. Neither demonetisation, nor covid nor human rights issue. All is well in Afghanistan. Another user wrote – ‘It was great fun to see that you are very upset since the year 2014. Dying everyday and can’t do anything about it for at least 8 years now.


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