These people make the whole debate a waste; Gaurav Bhatia clashed with Congress spokesperson, Chitra Tripathi came in the middle

These people make the whole debate

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday inaugurated new defense office complexes being built under the Central Vista Project. During this, the Prime Minister also responded to the critics. On the other hand, opposition parties say that the public was not getting oxygen during the Corona crisis in the country and here the government is spending money on the Central Vista project. To discuss this issue, many guests attended the TV show ‘Dangal’ of ‘Aaj Tak’.


Political analyst Vishal Mishra said on this, ‘Has the opposition played any role in the Corona crisis? Spokespersons of the Samajwadi Party tell that if India’s scientists prepare the vaccine, their leaders say that if BJP has a vaccine, I will not get it. Congress leaders also used to tweet daily that we will not get the vaccine. These people only spread negative things among people. In the first cabinet meeting of UP, did Yogi Adityanath waive the farmer’s loan of 36 thousand crores or not? On the other hand, the Congress government did not do anything like this.


SP’s answer: Samajwadi Party spokesperson Sunil Singh said, ‘Our question was not about the vaccine. It was on the politics happening over the vaccine. The mirror of the government in a democracy is the opposition. Shouldn’t the question arise about the deaths that took place due to lack of oxygen? I don’t know in which direction the people of BJP want to take this country. PM Modi had said that by 2022, the income of the farmer will be doubled. Do you still think that farmer’s income will double in the country?’


To this Vishal Mishra says, ‘Nobody is forbidden to ask questions, but these people spread confusion. In how many times did he give the payment of sugarcane to the farmers? These people only spread confusion about farmers. One should learn from the people of Samajwadi Party how to turn things around. Sunil Singh replies, ‘Just tell me just how much did the BJP government increase the price of sugarcane? By how much were the prices of BJP reduced?’


Congress spokesperson got angry: Congress spokesperson Mukesh Sharma says, ‘I don’t agree with BJP’s Gaurav Bhatia at all. These people said the matter of 35 thousand crores in the same way as their health minister lying in the Parliament and said that no one dies of corona. Gaurav Bhatia Do not dare to speak in the middle. I won’t let you speak. You get out of this debate. How can it be possible to present false figures?


Gaurav Bhatia gets annoyed with the reply of the Congress spokesperson and says, ‘What did the government of Jharkhand say? What did the Chhattisgarh government say? You know something. I’ll talk right in the middle. Who are you to talk like this? I don’t know from where do you get these people? Such people make the whole debate garbage. Meanwhile, Chitra Tripathi says, ‘Gaurav ji, let his words be fulfilled. Both of you are great leaders, have some respect for your workers and the country too.


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