this is how he met his girlfriend Sara Barbieri

Fabrizio Corona he is increasingly taken by his girlfriend Sara Barbieri and now it seems to be serious.

For more than a year, the two have been a steady couple, side by side both in good and bad times. Yes, because it will certainly not be easy for the beautiful model to be alongside a fairly well-known character like Crown, who has seen and been through many in his life. In 2001, we recall, in fact, he married the model Nina Moric with whom he also had a son, Carlos Maria. In that time Crown he was at the height of his paparazzo career; from there numerous investigations that have seen him involved and therefore from there also the periods spent in prison. After divorcing his wife, he met him in 2009 Belen Rodriguez with whom he lived an intense love story:

We invented social media: instead of Instagram we had the pages of the newspapers that told our life every day.

Here is what the same declared on the pages of the weekly Who. But only 3 years later, the former king of the paparazzi also loses the showgirl and a few years later he binds to Silvia Provvedisister of Giulia of the duo “The Donatella“. Story, also this ended shortly before the girl entered the house of the Gf Vip. From that moment nothing “serious” for Fabrizio Corona who often dated women but never thought about a future. All before she came into his own life Will be Barbers. She met her on her social networks, as a model and immediately wanted to meet her in presence. The age difference between the two is about 26 years, but the same Crown to the weekly Who he said:

Our heads are the same age.

And right at the newspaper of Alfonso Signorini the two have confessed that they want to get married. As for the month still nothing certain, but Fabrizio has assured “by February 2023”.

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