“This is what struck me about him the first time I saw him”

The American singer and actress Romina Power has unveiled a particular ‘spicy’ that would have to do with Al Bano and the beginning of their love story. Here are her revelations.

The couple formed by Al Bano and Romina Power, made millions of fans dream all over the world. Italy, however, was the first, also because it was the birthplace of the singer from Cellino San Marco. An unconditional love that has seen them together again, after years of speculation and back and forth, reunited on the stage of theAriston, to Sanremo as guests a few years ago. The beautiful American, mother of Ylenia, Yari, Cristel and Romina junior, has always professed her feelings for the father of her children, considering him before the official separation in 2012, still her husband in all respects.

Despite AL Bano’s relationship with Loredana Lecciso and the arrival of Jasmine and Bido, Romina Power has always been ‘faithful’ to her husband and to the strong feeling that bound them, and is palpable whenever they appear together years later. Just recently, the former Mrs. Carrisi unveiled a particular ‘hot’ that would concern her past with the interpreter of In the sun. Here are the statements made by him in this regard.

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Romina Power and the revelation about Al Bano

the two represent an iconic couple, still clearly engraved in the minds and hearts of the most nostalgic, lovers of the history of Italian music and entertainment. Romina Power and Al Bano broke up in 1999, amid the disappointment and dismay of the Italian public. Apparently there have been differences and a separation after the disappearance of their first daughter: Ylenia. Far away in life but still close on stage, and every so often in fact the ‘singing’ companion of Carrisi, has revealed a detail that has to do with their relationship in the golden age.

In fact, the two met when she was still seventeen and were busy shooting a film that would have seen them as main performers. What struck the young American at the time was the boy’s glasses, which have always accompanied him over the years. Linda Cristal’s daughter has always been fascinated by this accessory by appreciating the men who wear it. Not only slow though, it seems that Romina was particularly impressed by the b-side of Al Bano. A somewhat pushed confession that of the singer, who once again throws fuel on the fire about the triangle that sees her protagonist together with her ex-husband and Loredana Lecciso.

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