Tom Cruise paraglides down on a couple of hikers: he apologizes and then takes off again

They were on a quiet hike when suddenly they were overwhelmed by Tom Cruise which is gliding not quite smoothly on them with his paragliding. This is what happened to a couple on the Lake Districtin the north-west of England: the actor was practicing for the filming of the new chapters of Mission Impossible when lost control of the paraglider and ended up on Sarah and Jason Haygarth, two young English boys who were taking a trip along the steep cliffs in the area. The Hollywood star apologized to them and chatted for a few minutes, then flew off a steep slope. On the other hand, Tom Cruise he always refused doubles even for the most dangerous scenes and not even now, at 60, is he willing to be replaced. Indeed, he trains tirelessly to get to the best on set.

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