Tottenham, flying start: 4-1 at Southampton with super Kulusevski

Goals and assists for the Swede in the comeback victory of Conte’s team. Perisic on the pitch in the final 25 ‘

From applause. The first of Antonio Conte’s Tottenham is a show of strength, a 4-1 over Southampton that he too had scored first. The reaction to the goal conceded is proof that the Spurs have the determination of their coach, but also that they have many weapons with which to hit their opponents. Of course, Southampton are a young team that will fight to save themselves, far from the level of Chelsea against which the Spurs will compete next Sunday. Under 1-0 after 12 ‘, however, things could go wrong. Instead Tottenham, following Conte’s orders, found a way to shine.

the keys

With Kane strangely off (and in the final with cramps) and Son (however an assist) not very concrete, Tottenham makes the difference on the outside. First of all with Dejan Kulusevski: owner in the trident, on the right he is impregnable and signs the assist for the 1-1 and then the goal of 4-1. And with Ryan Sessegnon, arrow on the left wing who on 21 ‘finds his first goal in the Premier League. Emerson Royal also did well, the right winger who, like Sessegnon, is free to sink. Solid defense, which suffered 1-0 in Southampton’s only shot on goal, ordered the maneuver after 20 ‘of difficulty. Having collected the goal, not only did the Spurs not panic, but they gradually understood how to break through the wall of the opponents, lined up by Hasenhüttl with the 5-a-side defense and almost only worried about containing.

Conte understood that on the flanks he could make a difference and exploited them properly. Among the new players, Ivan Perisic on the field 25 ‘in place of Sessegnon, who deserves a standing ovation, only pennies in the final for Lenglet and Bissouma. More important exams than Southampton will be needed to get Conte to say that Tottenham are making the progress the manager hopes to see compared to last season, which has what it takes to catch City and Liverpool, who are up front. But this is the beginning that was needed, also to lull the enthusiasm of the 61,732 Tottenham Stadium fans, convinced by Conte and investments that this could be a good year to win again.

the match

The Spurs struggled to build at the start and went under on 12 ‘, with Ward Prowse putting Lloris in with a nice flying shot from just inside the area. The goal conceded shakes Conte’s team, who rearranges their ideas and finds equal with Sessegnon in the 21st minute, with a nice header from Kulusevski’s cross. The header also arrives 2-1, at 31 ‘: the cross this time is from Son, Dier’s intuition. Tottenham took control of the match and came close to 3-1 several times, but hit the Southampton defensive wall. The goal came in the second half, at 61 ‘, with Salisu awkwardly deflecting a cross shot from Royal’s left into his own goal. It is the net that unlocks the Spurs, who just 2 ‘later serve the poker with Kulusevski, who scores with a splendid left-footed spin that gives Conte a quiet final half hour. And the first 3 points of the season.



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