Un Posto al Sole, Raffaele’s touching confession: “I had to do it for my wife”

The words of Patrizio Rispo, or the Raffaele Giordano of Un Posto al Sole, about one of its particular and intimate characteristics

There are many fans in Italy of A Place in the Sun, the longest running soap opera by Rai Tre, which recently crossed the finish line of six thousand episodes. Many appreciate the plots, the twists but above all the characters created by the authors.

Raffaele Giordano (Instagram)

Perhaps the most loved soap star is Raffaele Giordano. That is the character played from the beginning of Un Posto al Sole by the Neapolitan actor Patrizio Rispo. The well-known goalkeeper of Palazzo Palladini has always been a symbol of sympathy, affection and honesty.

But Raffaele it will be so easy and ironic also in his private life? This was told by Rispo himself in an interview with the weekly Todayin which the most famous goalkeeper of Rai Tre spoke with great sincerity.

Raffaele Giordano, how is it in private life? The confession of Patrizio Rispo

Self Raffaele Giordano is loved by all fans of A Place in the Sun for his affectionate and ironic character, Patrizio Rispo he wasn’t exactly the same kind of person. This was stated by the Neapolitan actor in the aforementioned chat.

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Raffaele is a sunny character and he has passed on a lot to me over the years. I am a much more closed person, less expansive. But little by little I absorbed these characteristics, I began to change especially for my wife. She accused me that Raffaele Giordano was prettier and more interesting than me, so I had no choice ”.

A place in the sun, Raffaele and Patrizio Giordano joke in the kitchen (source: Instagram / Giuseppe D'Anna).
A place in the sun, Raffaele and Patrizio Giordano joke in the kitchen (source: Instagram / Giuseppe D’Anna)

Patrizio Rispo therefore he owes a lot to the character of Raffaele Giordano. Not only for the absolute notoriety obtained on television, but also for giving him the opportunity to deal with a different character and take inspiration for private life.

Is the actor so happy? Not really. Indeed in the interview Rispo denounced the lack of interest from large producers towards the Upas actors, often snubbed despite their painstaking and appreciable work: “I answer from Patrizio and not from Raffaele. I am argumentative with them, we are underrated actors. I don’t understand why great directors don’t take us into consideration. For me it is a mystery ”.

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