Underworld money is being spent in the film industry? When Amitabh Bachchan said on the question, ‘We only care about work and fees’

Underworld money is being spent in the film industry

At one time the hold of the underworld on Bollywood was very strong. There were also reports that underworld people invest money in films. When Amitabh Bachchan was questioned by famous journalist Tavleen Singh on these allegations, he had said that we only care about our work and salary.


Tavleen Singh had come to meet Amitabh Bachchan in connection with NDTV’s old program, ‘Indiannama’. This was the year 2002. He had asked Amitabh, ‘The allegation that the film industry is being blamed for the wrong kind of money… Mafia’s money is the underworld’s money. Is it just an allegation that there is some truth in it?’


In response, Amitabh had said, ‘No, I will not be able to say whether there is any truth in this or not. We investigate as much as we can from our side, what have you done before, what have you produced, which films have you made, what is your reputation in the industry. Seeing that, we adopt a producer or work with him.


He had further said, ‘If he is bringing money from some other place or from the wrong place, then our responsibility is not so much in that. We are concerned with our work and the fixed salary after work, which we take home. Where is that money coming from, we do not know.


There was also a fear of underworld among Bollywood actors, directors and producers in those days. Once Anil Kapoor was also followed by some people of the underworld. Actually Anil Kapoor was playing the role of an underworld don’s man in his film, ‘Awaargi’. In this connection, he went to jail to meet a gangster who was in jail. When this matter reached the underworld, Anil Kapoor was called and asked if he was befriending that gang? If so, don’t do it at all.


Anil Kapoor then folded his hands and told the people of the underworld that he had nothing to do with any gang, but had gone to meet the gangster in connection with his acting.


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