Unexpected costs, there is another nasty surprise for your vacation

The 2022 holidays seem haunted: here are the many problems that have occurred, including problems with tickets and skyrocketing prices.

The special word is “carrier supplement”, and marks the return on the final consumer of the increase in the price of kerosene. So, here is the airfare increases. The accounts have been put in black and white by Corriere della Sera.

Ansa, Milan

Let’s take an example: “eighteen euro basic fare to fly from Milan (Malpensa) to Miami via Istanbul. Another 1.5 euros to return to the Lombard capital, ten days later, via Turkey. Plus 103.26 euros in total between taxes, municipal surcharges, expenses for the safety. And a good 478 euros of fuel surcharge, for the same flights, equal to almost 80% of the entire ticket sold by Turkish Airlines. A record “. Therefore, a real sting, on which also touches a certain “retroactivity”.

What is happening in Italy with travel and prices


The editorial staff of Corriere della Sera also let it be known that “the airlines knocked on the door of tour operators, travel agencies and sent e-mails to booked groups asking them to supplement the ticket price with another 100-150 euros per passenger , taking into account the rise in the cost of kerosene ”. Therefore, even those who booked the ticket months ago are still penalized. Moreover, according to some simulations carried out by the newspaper, the fuel surcharge on the total ticket is between “30 and 40%, with peaks of over 70% on some specific destinations”. The reason? “In general, kerosene accounts for 25-30% of the overall operating costs incurred by the companies”. Therefore, another factor, besides inflation, is ruining this difficult year for Italians. And not only.

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Hand luggage instead of checked baggage: some advice

Another dispassionate advice, at least for those who can, is to travel with hand luggage and not in the hold. This is because the situation in many airports is such that incidents are increasingly reported in which the retrieval of hold baggage is more complicated, with some passengers complaining that they had to wait up to five days to receive their baggage. Still with regard to the management of hold baggage, if you are traveling with hand baggage only, it may be useful to purchase priority boarding, thus guaranteeing the possibility of getting on the plane before the others, without running the risk of having to deliver. the trolley to the staff who will add it to the other hold luggage for free.

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