Very manipulative man – Rajesh Khanna spoke for Akshay Kumar, advised daughter Twinkle Khanna to ‘pull the reins’

Very manipulative man – Rajesh Khanna

Bollywood’s famous actor Rajesh Khanna had left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with his films and his style. Rajesh Khanna made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Aakhri Khat’ and after that he was seen in many blockbuster films. Rajesh Khanna’s elder daughter Twinkle Khanna married Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. In an interview given to Laharen, Rajesh Khanna had described Akshay Kumar as a man of ‘Hera-Pheri’. Not only this, he also advised his daughter to pull the reins of Akshay Kumar.


Actually, Rajesh Khanna was asked in the interview whether you want the days to go back when you sing around the trees. Replying to this, Rajesh Khanna said, “Now what will you sing at this age. At this age, our Jamai Raja sings a lot. Sometimes he does ‘bhool-maze’, sometimes he does ‘rigging’.”


Talking about Akshay Kumar, Rajesh Khanna further said, “Sometimes he does ‘Hera-Pheri 2’, does a lot of hara-pheri and he is the only person with ‘Hera-Pheri 2’. I have even told my daughter that look Tina Baba, just keep pulling her reins. But don’t pull so much that the bridle breaks. To this my daughter asked ‘Why?


Sharing this anecdote, Rajesh Khanna further said, “I told him that he is a handsome man, a hero, so if he goes here and there, what is yours, will come back to you in the evening.” Please tell that Rajesh Khanna had advised his daughter Twinkle Khanna to make not one but four boyfriends. This was disclosed by Twinkle Khanna herself.


Talking about Rajesh Khanna, Twinkle Khanna had told, “He told me never to have one boyfriend, always make four boyfriends at a time, so that your heart will never be broken.” Rajesh Khanna considered his elder daughter as the most special gift he got from Dimple Kapadia. He always used to call his daughter as ‘Tina Baba’.


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