Victoria Beckham and daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz: jealousies and low blows

It’s cold war between Victoria Beckham and her new daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz. After the first sparks, emerged on the eve of the fairytale wedding last April in Palm Beach of the eldest son of David Beckham, Brooklyn, 23, with the heiress, 27, now between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a continuous exchange of low blows, fueled by jealousy.

The former Spice Girls

A tension that would have infected both families. And Victoria would be afraid of losing her son Brooklyn because of these differences. Page Six launches the indiscretion: the 48-year-old former Spice Girls – renamed Ice Girl – and the actress, daughter of ex-model Claudia Heffner and New York billionaire Nelson Peltz, non-executive president of Madison Square Garden, who has a assets estimated by Forbes of $ 1.6 billion – have now come to loggerheads.

A post from Brooklyn fueled the flames: the eldest son relaunched the cover of the British magazine Tatler on social media, which crowned his wife Nicola with the title of “The New Mrs. Beckham”. A crime of treason difficult to forgive. But the first signs date back to the organization of the luxurious and exclusive wedding in the actress’s house. Peltz did not want the bulky future mother-in-law “to have the slightest part of her in the preparations,” with the well-founded fear perhaps that she would steal the show on her best day.

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Holidays in France

In particular, it was the attention paid to the spice girl by the gossip magazines on her wedding day that made the actress turn up their noses. Rightly the bride would have liked to have all her eyes on him. The fact is that communication between them was and is reduced to a minimum. The Daily Mirror adds fuel to the fire: “The main table was crowded with Peltz and while the Beckhams were in the minority.” And immediately after, the couple did not go on vacation with the Beckhams to Croatia but to France with Nicola’s parents. A bad blow for Victoria: proud of her close family, she does not like to see her son as a model so attached to her in-laws.

Bates Motel

On the other hand, it is not excluded that Peltz – who appeared in the A&E drama series “Bates Motel” and “Transformers: Age of Extinction” – may suffer from a bit of jealousy over the worldwide fame of her man’s mother. A “petty non-stop drama” concludes Page Six, which would be slowly distancing Brooklyn himself from his family, with whom in fact he now sees and hears little, after moving to Miami.

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