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Serious loss for the protagonist of Viola come il mare: the sad announcement and the condolences of colleagues and friends

Severe mourning for Francesca Chillemi. In the past few hours of her, the actress, through a post published on Instagram, made it known that she had lost her beloved grandmother. “Nonna Ciccina this is not goodbye, you will never go away, you are part of me, with me, forever. Grandma, you don’t know how much you made me feel loved “, wrote the former Miss Italy along the late evening of Friday 5 August, accompanying a shot in which she is seen next to her relative. Immediate condolences from fans, friends and colleagues of the protagonist of Purple like the sea and of God help us. Virtually around her, among well-known faces, they expressed their support Elena Santarelli, Cristina Chiabotto, Alessandro Roja, Claudia Ruffo, Ludovica Sauer, Flavia Pennetta and Massimiliano Di Lodovico.

Chillemi did not add any other details regarding the bereavement. The causes that led to the woman’s death are therefore unknown. As for the professional front, for theformer Miss Italy it is a period full of expectations. In September she will land in prime time on Canale Cinque the fiction Viola come il mare which will see her protagonist together with the Turkish star Can Yaman.

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During the filming of the TV series, the gossip murmured of an alleged liaison between the two actors. The matter was denied by those directly involved who declared that they were only friends. Also because, a relationship between them would have caused an ‘earthquake’ given that for years Chillemi has been romantically linked to Stefano Rosso, entrepreneur with whom he had Rania (5 years)

Always remaining on the subject of gossip, the Grand Hotel magazine recently circulated the rumor that the actress could be pregnant of the second baby. In particular, the magazine has published some shots in which it seems that Chillemi has a suspicious tummy. All that remains is to wait and see if the slight protuberance is really the result of one pregnancy or a simple pose that highlighted a slight pronounced belly.

As for Can Yaman, on the sentimental front, at the moment everything is silent: after the end of the love story chat with Diletta Leotta, the Turkish star professes to be single.

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