“We will not spend the summer holidays together”

“About a month ago I received

a job offer

which not only could I not refuse, but in which I decided to throw myself headlong and to which I worked in the shadows so that it could be completed, a job that will keep me out of Italy for the whole month of August starting from Tuesday ” explained Ferragni’s boyfriend.

Chiara’s sister supported her partner in the new adventure, although this meant giving up holidays together. “In all this Vale was not alone

my biggest supporter

but also my biggest push to accept the job I’m going to do e

my biggest shoulder

to prepare everything in the best possible way – we still read -. We had an incredible trip planned for this summer but, faced with this opportunity, she didn’t flinch when I told her it would be right around the time of our vacation. “

So, before having to part ways for a while, the couple took some time together. “We decided to enjoy a sunset – wrote Luca again -, a dinner,

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a special evening

I share these spectacular photos taken in five minutes as the sun went down, the rest of the evening remains and will remain ours and will be

a very nice memory while we will be thousands of km away

starting from the beginning of the week.

I love you love, you know


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